Who am I?

My name is Mary McMillan, and I am a molecular biologist/geneticist and science communicator, working as a Lecturer at the University of New England in Armidale NSW.

My formal educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Honours), majoring in genetics, a PhD in Molecular Biology, and a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education. I have completed leadership training through the global Homeward Bound leadership program for Women in STEMM, and have been trained by Al Gore as a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

I have worked as a University Lecturer since 2013, with my major teaching areas being molecular biology, genetics and human development. I have a keen interest in improving educational outcomes for students, and I am particularly passionate about supporting first generation students, and those from regional and rural areas.

In my research I work with a multi-disciplinary team to better understand mental health disorders. My particular focus is on genetic and biological markers of depression. Through this work I hope to improve the way we diagnose and treat this disorder.

In addition to teaching and research, I am also a passionate science communicator. I pen a weekly science column for regional newspapers (you can find these posts here on my blog), and regularly run outreach activities for school groups. I care deeply about making science accessible for a general audience, and inspiring curiosity and interest in the next generation.

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